Picture: Facebook screenshot


At first, it looks like an art installation, and then you see the scattering of children playing around.

It seems to be a playground of sorts, with a special feature a giant naked puppet in labour.

Children and their parents look on in either in awe or disgust as the puppet gasps from labour pains and gives birth to an equally weird-looking baby puppet.

The mom proceeds to breastfeed it while its wails can be heard over the rest of the commotion. And then something even weirder happens - one of the giant breasts rolls off and squirts "milk" at the surrounding kids.

And for no particular reason, a huge heart jumps out of the puppet's open chest and starts dancing around.

The 26.5 metre monstrous puppet was created by a Melbourne group in Australia created for a live art installation called 'Everybody's born, Everybody cries, Everybody s***s and Everybody dies'.

The offbeat show has created mixed reactions the social media community when first shared in 2015, with as many who love the concept - there seems to be as many who either just don't get it or simply think it's highly inappropriate and pointless.