Loyiso Bala and his wife Jenifer Bala. Picture: Instagram
What's the sweetest thing you've ever seen? Maybe it's laying eyes on your baby for the very first time or watching the sun rise in a new country?

Yep, those are in our top 10 list, but singing sensation Loyiso Bala having a conversation with his 3-month-old baby Tori falls into our list.

The media personality posted the sweet exchange to his Instagram account on Wednesday, and we still can't stop gushing. It seems his followers can't get enough of the exchange as well -  the post is now sitting on over 8 000 views.

Bala captioned the post: "I can hardly get a word in once @toribala gets going. Imagine once those words get formed."

In the post, Bala can be heard saying: "That's a lot to say. Is there anything else you want to say?".

The moments that melt our heart is when little Tori starts gurgling as her father talks.

Bala and his wife Jennifer welcomed the little girl into the world in May. This is their second child.