In the video, the baby who has Down’s Syndrome, is seen lying on her back while he sings to her. Picture: Facebook

SA-born doctor Dr Ryan Coetzee is at it again. In July last year, he became an online sensation after a video of him singing to a young patient went viral.

Now, another video has surfaced of him belting out Nat King Cole hit ‘Unforgettable’ to a baby as he draws blood using a syringe.

Coetzee has since moved to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, Scotland, which serves patients from the local area as well providing specialist services to patients from across the Highland area.

In the video, the baby who has Down’s Syndrome, is seen lying on her back while he sings to her. "This is something so special!" the baby's mother wrote while sharing the video to Facebook and expressing her gratitude to Coetzee.

"My daughter is usually distraught getting bloods done, she has had them done a huge amount of times but never has had a reaction quite like this, not one tear," wrote Shannon Wemyss.

"I have never met a doctor quite like this one, absolutely amazing. He had a smile on everyone’s face. An example of a job being more than a pay check at the end of the month. He has made our day."

Coetzee, who has been trained in classical music, said in a statement released by the hospital: "Singing to the patients has always been something I have done. It’s a natural thing for me to sing and when you work in paediatrics its fun to be silly and make the kids laugh."

He added that the response to the video has been overwhelming and many have now been asking if he is the "singing doctor". 

"But if it works for the patients then I’m happy," he said.