Both the mother Liliya Konovalova, 29, and babies are doing fine. Picture: Facebook

Logic dictates that twins are born minutes or even hours after each other. But in rare cases, birthing times between delivery can extend to weeks even.

A woman in Kazakhstan has given birth to twins who were born almost three months apart, Science Alert reported. About 11 weeks passed between the births of a baby girl, Liya, on May 24, and her brother Maxim, who was born on August 9.

According to the Kazakh Health Ministry, both the mother Liliya Konovalova, 29, and babies are doing fine. News of the rare births was shared to Facebook by the ministry, which stated that the case was a one-in-50-million chance.

"My son was in no rush to come out into the world," Liliya told media outlets.

"Thanks to our doctors, we prevailed… what they did is a miracle. My kids now weigh around 3 kilograms and we're getting ready to be discharged from the hospital."

The reason for the 11 week delay was due to Konovalova having an extremely rare anatomical condition called uterus didelphys – a uterine malformation that effectively results in a double uterus.

In most cases women with the condition are unaware they have a double uterus, and when they become pregnant, may not know that they are in fact pregnant with twins.