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Saturday, August 20, 2022

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What the heck? Parents shocked and outraged after mom shares pictures of her baby’s claw-like manicured nails

A BABY’S nails should always be kept short. Picture: Pexels

A BABY’S nails should always be kept short. Picture: Pexels

Published Mar 31, 2021


Any new mom will tell you that cutting a baby’s nails is petrifying!

Knowing that even the smallest baby nail clipper can cause damage to your baby’s tiny little fingers as you try and cut their wafer thin nails.

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As scary as it might be, moms know that babies’ nails have to be kept short so that they don’t scratch themselves.

So when a mom posted a picture of her baby’s fingers sporting super long manicured nails, social media users were left shocked and outraged.

The disturbing image of a baby’s tiny little fingers held fanned-out by an adult’s hand to show off the sharp claw-like nails, was captioned, “I can do your babies nails … cheap rates”.

Baby’s claw-like nails. Picture: Facebook

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that, besides it being ridiculous and hideous, it’s extremely dangerous for a baby to have long nails.

Why would anyone want their baby to have nails like Cardi B?

The four images show different styles and shapes of manicure looks. Some even have glitter on them.

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The bizarre “advert” has since been shared on Reddit where, for obvious reasons, parents shared their concerns and disapproval of this nail treatment.

One concerned parent commented: “This is highly dangerous. Babies often will poke themselves in the eyes or face and even without nails they'll leave scratch marks. This is straight up stupid and will only harm the baby.”

While another said: “You’re supposed to keep your baby’s nails cut short so they don’t hurt themselves… this is trashy and f****** stupid.”

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“I could understand painting a babies nails, but giving them fake ones? It’s too dangerous! They constantly are touching their faces, so it could really do damage to their eyes. It’s better to wait until they are a lot older” an outraged mom said.

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