Five parents decided to name their daughters after the sound of a cow.

London - Parents are becoming ever more adventurous when it comes to naming their children.

A list of unlikely names in the US has been compiled by the Nameberry website. Some go far beyond the unusual, straying well into weird territory, including Tequila, Cougar and Moo.

Five parents decided to name their daughters after the sound of a cow.

Also included in their round-up of bizarre names is Swayze, after the late actor Patrick, their parents likely Dirty Dancing fans.

The name Tomorrow also appeared on the national register, alongside Evening and Future, while Cougar was one of the more unusual among the trend for what Nameberry calls “fierce” names.

Six boys were named Cougar along with 86 named Fox, 85 called Bear, 29 Hawks, 14 named Wolf, seven Broncos, and five girls named Tiger. Six girls were called Bunny. Oh dear.

The strangest, though, has to be Eh, the international expression of apathy, which 14 girls were named.

One can only pity the six baby boys last year who were named Penisimani. Though it appears to be an an established if rare name in the South Sea Islands, it is likely to cause much ridicule when they reach school age.

The same is likely to be the case for the children named Asser, Virgina, Peniel and Dearria.

Another six of last year’s babies must have been born troublemakers as their parents elected to name them Corleone after the fictional Mob family in The Godfather.

They joined children named Capone, Gotti, Bates and Juvenal. Potential sister names include Sicily and Sicilia.

Mad Men character Don inspired six couples to call their sons Draper, while Elvis’s home Graceland was the name given to seven baby girls.

Grace and Gracelyn were popular for girls, along with Grayson and Greyson for boys, and Presley and Memphis for both sexes.

Notorious was the name given to five boys – no doubt their parents were fans of Biggie. Perhaps they are destined to tangle with the five named Tupac.

The very tough-sounding Tank was among this year’s newest names, and boys named Trek and Courage also come pre-armed for the battle. Other badass baby names include Breaker and Ryker.

Conjoined names – those without a space, hyphen or even spelling the second of the two names with a capital letter – also emerged as an unlikely new trend.

Five boys were named Kingsolomon, while others on the register were Princewilliam, Princemichael, Sircharles, and Marcjacob.

Brandi is so yesterday. Today’s most intoxicating alcohol name is Tequila. Newborn girls were also named Chardonnay, Henessy, and Syrah, while a handful of boys were named Abeer. – Daily Mail