Bonang Matheba is pretty in pink at the 'From A to B' book launch in Sandton City's Diamond Walk     Image: MATTHEWS BALOYI, INLSA

Television personality, radio host, businesswoman and global brand ambassador for Revlon, Bonang Matheba has certainly made a name for herself on an international scale. Recently adding author to the list, Matheba’s new book, From A to B (launched on August 3), details everything from her life growing up in Mahikeng to the trials of breaking into the entertainment industry.

Errors aside, Matheba's book is filled with nuggets of wisdom, along with some tried and tested career advice:

● One of the biggest drivers of Matheba’s success was being wholeheartedly committed, something her mother taught her. “Decide what you want for yourself, then show up and do it well or don’t do it at all.”

● Be patient, nothing is as instant as the world wants us to believe. Matheba’s dreams and ambitions to break into television and radio were not realised overnight. “As I learnt early on in my career, it can take years to get in. Once you’re in, it can take years to build something worthwhile,” she said.

● While receiving more “nos” than "yeses” in her desired industry, Matheba realised that rejection is an important part of life. “If you don’t let it break you, if you allow it, it will guide you in the right direction,” she said.

● Timing is everything. “If the timing is not just right, it might still all come to nothing. However, if what you are working on clicks in perfectly with the workings of the world, all those hours, all those tears and moments of almost giving up, culminate in one extraordinary moment that changes everything for you.”

● Negativity is distracting, focus on the positive. For Matheba, paying too much attention to negativity began to consume her. “I told myself there was so much good happening and I needed to focus on that.”

● Get all your ducks in a row first to achieve big. “I have learnt that part of how the really big and monumental stuff happens has a lot to do with getting your small stuff right.”

● Make sure you have a backup. Before leaving one path, Matheba always made sure she had a plan for her next move in place. “I make sure that before I leave one thing, I have another thing lined up or that if I am going to risk a sure thing that I am doing it for something bigger and better in some way or with more money.”

● There is no shame in returning to what you know you are good at after trying out something new. “Very few people can be good at everything. So you can try something new, but don’t be sad or disappointed when it doesn’t work out. Don’t fall apart, go back graciously to what you know and what knows you,” she said.

● No one is irreplaceable. After resigning from a position at Metro due to feelings of frustration following changes at the station, Matheba was replaced within a day after leaving. “No one is irreplaceable and throughout my career I have always known and believed that.”

● Success can come at a price, know when you’ve reached your limit. “While I may have been doing everything I wanted to, I had sacrificed my quality of life and happiness, and that was far too great a sacrifice."