Riaad Moosa performs Life Begins in PMB on Saturday, April 14.

FOUR children between the ages of 3 months and 10 years of age would be enough to keep any parents busy. Comedian Riaad Moosa, could have left it all behind for fame and fortune but says he juggles work and home life to continue to be a hand's on dad.

The comedian and actor, well-known, for the 2012 film Material, ends his year long Life Begins Tour at the Golden Horse Casino in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday. He revealed that his popularity and brand has a lot to do with his life.

Moosa is playing on the phrase life begins at 40, with poster images featuring him in nappies.

He says his appeal has always been his ability to share his real life conflicts. “Many people want to know how I went from being an educated person to becoming a clown,” he quips.

“It’s a tad philosophical, but I expected to be far wiser at 40. I expected to understand everything by now, but the reality is that I’m still learning. I’m only getting started.”

“I’ve been looking back at my life. How I got from being a doctor to becoming a comedian and actor, married life and parenthood.”

The qualified doctor says the milestone has made him introspective.

“I had planned to move to New York this year. It just wasn’t aligning with the family schedule and I’ve had to put that on ice,” he says candidly.

He says his 2012 film Material, also mirrors the challenges in his own life; including balancing family responsibility and personal ambition. It’s something he plans to return to in 2018 - as he hopes to film Material 2.

"In a way people are interested because it's about me in all my facets. I feel a responsibility to be honest and stay authentic."

- Tickets to the shows at the Golden Horse Casino are R150 a person at Computicket.