With just under two days left until Christmas, thousands of shoppers are flocking to stores in their droves searching for those perfect gifts. 

What you need to know before hitting the shops

Though time is running out and you're likely consumed with the thought that you have so much to do before the big day, there's no need to panic - just yet. 
One of the things you need to know before stepping out to take on the masses, who are also doing their last-minute Christmas shopping, is store opening hours. 
Rather than blindly heading out into the fray, take a savvy approach with the advantage of extended shopping hours.
Major retailers are pulling out all the stops.

Smart shoppers think about pricey parking 

Parking is r anked as more stressful than long queues at cash registers and battling large shopping crowds, the Herald Sun reports.

While some shopping centres offer free parking, note there are some which charge. It always pays to check before heading out so you're not stung by sharp fees.

How long left to shop online?

If leaving the comfort of your home at this time of year seems too much, and we can't blame you, then shopping online is your go-to solution.

While there are only a few hours left before the big day itself, it's still possible to shop and get gifts delivered directly to your door.

Shopping the best deals 

Once upon a time you had to wait until Christmas was over to snap up the best deals.
Not anymore. 
Some shops start their mark down sales early, ensuring you can pick up some quality, yet affordable gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself). 

Last minute giftspiration 
If you're still struggling to think of the perfect gifts for your loved ones,  or you're just wanting to play things safe for a fussy relative, a voucher from a major retailer will never go astray.