Mandela and Machel share a light moment before setting sail on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship in Durban harbour on March 29, 1998. Picture: Reuters

Nelson Mandela not only led South Africa to democratic state, he was the embodiment of humanity and tolerance.

So it's no wonder that brands around the globe still look to him for inspiration when it comes to living life according to his teachings.

The Madiba spirit has become a brand in itself - from the tangible items we can purchase to the values and ethos we can live.

In in the spirit of #Mandela100, we've gone in search of items that remain true to keeping the Madiba magic alive.

Protea Prestige Coin Set

2016 Protea Prestige Set – The Life of A Legend – Nelson Mandela


Magents Mandela Day Free T-shirt

Zando: R159

Mandela Shopper

Woolworths: R40

Official Nelson Mandela Tee

Loot: R149