The purchasing power of South African women is on the rise. Picture by Reuters

There are 18 million female consumers in South Africa and new research shows that these women have the spending power in their homes.

The research by Nielsen provides into what South African women are buyer, how they reach these purchasing decisions as well as where the opportunities lie for businesses to add value to this consumer group.

The research shows that “80% of women purchase most from supermarkets, their average expenditure per trip is R 220 and there is an average of five stores in their repertoire.”

Key research findings include:

  • SA women are in store at least once a week, consisting of a bulk shop once a month and top up shops three times a month.
  • 71% of women are responsible for grocery shopping — 60% are the primary purchaser at home.
  • 81% of women enjoy doing grocery shopping. 
  • 90% feel customer service is important.
  • 84% plan but buy additional items they never set out to purchase when they entered a store.
  • Only 37% of female shoppers are  actively look for promotions.

Of course the group of female shoppers is a diverse one but one of the areas the study did focus on is women who are mothers.

Mom’s do have different priorities and will make different choices when walking down the supermarket aisle.

The report on does highlight that we need to take a step back when looking at the South African mom. 

“The first point to consider is their choice to delay parenthood, with the majority (56%) consciously choosing to have children between the ages 25-39. This delays any life-stage related changes to their spending patterns,” the report states.

The research shows that the future is bright of the female shopper is bright: “with 21-million female consumers expected in the local market by 2025 and their labour force participation numbers set to increase from the current 9.5-million to 11-million (also by 2025).”

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