You could also look at it like this: women still did about 1.7 times as much housework as men in 2012. Photograph: John Hogg

London - It will hardly come as much of a surprise to millions of frazzled women across the country.

For a study has found that the average mother ends up with a mere 17 minutes to herself a day.

Over the course of a whole week, looking after children and going to work as well as doing the lion’s share of the housework means that the average mother gets less than an hour and a half of waking time to herself, the poll found.

And those rare moments of “me time” are typically spent reading a book, browsing the internet, catching up on television soaps or enjoying a cup of tea, it revealed.

Meanwhile, 51 percent said they regularly go whole weeks without even a single minute of relaxing alone.

The study also found mothers take on 78 percent of the home chores.

Half of the 2 000 mothers surveyed said the only place they can relax in is their bedroom.

A spokesman for, makers of beds with built-in televisions and who commissioned the poll, said: “Mothers are very much the driving force behind many families.” - Daily Mail