Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin. Picture: AP
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin. Picture: AP

Bless her soul! Hilaria Baldwin is having a tough week

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jan 31, 2019

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Hilaria Baldwin’s brood had an “extreme” meltdown during a trip to the park on Wednesday, as they argued over who would get to hold their mother’s hands.

The 35-year-old fitness and wellness expert posted a picture on Instagram on Wednesday of her three oldest children - Carmen, five, Rafael, three, and Leonardo, two, all of whom she has with husband Alec Baldwin - sat in her lap in tears during an outing to a park, as she revealed they’d all gotten upset when they couldn’t decide who would get the chance to hold hands with their mother.

Hilaria - who also has eight-month-old son Romeo with the ‘Boss Baby’ actor - captioned the snap: “So my day is going’s yours??? 

"The nanny and I just walked the kids to the park. Took us like 40 min as they were all fighting about who was gonna hold my hands. I usually can be silly enough to change their moods, but today when we arrived, I just sat down as they all continued to scream....while our nanny laughed and documented this gem of a moment for me (love her). Thank goodness I have a sense of humor, I was so extreme that you just have to laugh. 

“By the way, they are all playing “mommy and baby and cousin” now...Leo is the cousin. PARENTHOOD!!!! (sic)”

The brunette beauty is known for documenting her parenting struggles on social media, and recently shared a hilarious story about her son Rafael, after he left her “speechless” when he decided to pee in his sippy cup.

She wrote on social media: "Rafa just peed in this no joke. I have 4's hard to surprise me - and this left me speechless. 
"It goes like this:

"He was so proud of himself and comes up to me and says: "mommy! I just peed in a cup!" He led me over to this blue sippy cup and sure enough it was filled with warm pee. And he didn't spill ONE DROP on the floor. I was impressed. Then I was like: do I chastise him? How do you parent here?!?!? So I told him thank you for telling me and that we need to pee in the toilet. Then he backtracked and tried to tell me he actually made me a cup of tea...I guess it was warm, so it was a good try . Then he went back to the truth. Oh parenthood!!! (sic)"

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