Budget-friendly ways to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays

Spend time outdoors. Picture: Pexels Kindel Media

Spend time outdoors. Picture: Pexels Kindel Media

Published Dec 15, 2023


The December holidays are here and while a month-long holiday is wonderful for kids, it can be exhausting for the parents.

For those who can afford to get away and go on a long vacation, it might be easier, but for many, that’s a luxury.

This means many parents will be home with their kids for the extremely long holidays.

While teens are able to keep themselves entertained, the little ones get bored easily.

If you’re on a tight budget and not going away, here’s what you can do with your little ones during the holidays.

Keep it local

Pretend you’re a tourist and explore the city you live in.

Take your kids to visit local parks, museums, or galleries that offer free or inexpensive admission.

You might even discover new places together.

Enjoy nature

Kids love spending time outdoors. Pack a picnic basket and some games to play and head out to the beach.

If there’s no beach in your area, then find a hiking trail that is best suited for your children and enjoy a family walk.

The best thing is that there’s no cost involved.

Spend time outdoors. Picture: Pexels Kindel Media

Get creative

Set up a craft station at home and let your children's imaginations run wild.

Use recycled materials such as cardboard, old magazines, and fabric scraps for them to create their masterpieces.

This will keep them entertained for hours.

Movie night

Going to the movies will cost you an arm and a leg these days. So why not set up a movie night at home?

Transform your lounge into a cosy cinema. Whether it’s a classic you’ve already seen or something new, pick a movie that the whole family can enjoy.

No movie night is complete without some popcorn of course. Get all your favourite snacks out and enjoy the family time.

Create a cinema in your lounge. Picture: Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko

Play dates

Play dates are great for both the kids and the parents. For them to spend just a few hours with their besties will make any little one happy.

While the kids are unfazed by where these play dates happen, it’s always best for parents to take turns hosting them.


Over the festive season, moms do a lot of baking. Why not get the little ones to help?

From beating the eggs to simply mixing the ingredients, kids are happy to be part of the process.

As long they have a crunchy biscuit or a yummy cupcake at the end of it all, one can turn a blind eye to the messy kitchen.

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