Dad has a tattoo of only one child’s name. His wife thinks he’s an a**hole

Man does not want another tattoo. Picture: Pexels/Antoni Shkraba

Man does not want another tattoo. Picture: Pexels/Antoni Shkraba

Published Jan 30, 2023


Because tattoos are permanent one has to be extremely careful when choosing what to tattoo on your body.

While many are ecstatic about their body art when they first get it, some people, after time goes by, regret their decision.

Some of the most regrettable tattoos are those done while drunk or because of a stupid dare.

Couples who are madly in love, even married, often get the names of their better halves tattooed but then have to live with that name long after a breakup or divorce.

Imagine how painful it must be to have to look at that person’s name every day? Ouch!

The only name that one can safely tattoo on your body would be your child’s name.

Your child will always be a part of you. Just like a tattoo.

A Reddit user is one of those parents who has the name and picture of his daughter on his chest. However, he now has a second child, a boy, but does not want to have his name tattooed.

He’s taken to the AITA group to determine whether he is an a**hole for not wanting to do so.

“I had my first child when I was young and I was devastated when I had to leave her with my parents to go to college. I tattooed her name and a picture that reminded me of her on my chest,” he shares with the group.

“I got married to my wife about 3 years ago and we have a 1-year-old son together. She asked me when I'm going to tattoo his name? I told her I was not planning to do so.

“I was very young when I got my first and only tattoo and it wasn't a pleasant experience and I don't really like tattoos anymore. She said our son is going to grow up and notice that I only have a tattoo for his sister and he will know who my favourite child is.

“I told her this is insane and if she really wants a tattoo of our son's name then she should get one. We got into a heated argument and it ended with her calling me an a**hole,” he concludes.

What do you think? Does he deserve to be called an a**hole?