With bullying at an all time high, parents and teachers, need to actively teach children to be kind and caring.

More than three million children are bullied annually in South Africa.

Random acts of kindness on the school ground and the classroom are sadly uncommon these days. 

Despite these alarming stats, how can parents and teachers encourage kids to lose the nastiness and do more good?

 A new card game – Game for Humanity directly teaches children compassion, kindness and the value of sharing.

“In a world where bad news trumps good news, and negativity is around every corner, it’s no surprise that our children feed off that.  This game has been specifically created to encourage a culture of thoughtfulness among children and to help teach them the importance thereof. It focuses on the upliftment of others and finding ways to help others and share love, appreciation and gratitude,” says Marc Buhrer, creator of Game for Humanity.

 And the method is simple – pick a card, follow through on its request, which encourages various gestures of kindness, and pass it along to a friend to do the same. The game’s ultimate objective is to have kids all over, engaging in acts of kindness through the use of a single card.

Each card contains a unique task, which seeks to promote education, respect and responsibility, as well as fighting the good fight against racism and bullying. With 30 different tasks, there’s no better way to spread good, positive vibes, and to #PlayItForward than with Game for Humanity.

Tasks include:

-          Teach another student a new skill

-          Learn a new word from the dictionary and use it today

-          Learn to say "hello, how are you?" in another language 

-          Help prepare dinner

-          Make your bed

-          Give a hungry child a sandwich 

-          Wash the family car