Semenya said, “I knew from age four that I was going to be great, especially in sport." Picture: Supplied

In a mellow mauve suit, navy T-shirt and with a pendant of Africa hanging around her neck, Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya stepped out onto the podium at the Discovery Leadership Summit in Sandton on Thursday with a refreshing bout of confidence.

Love and no judgement was her message.

"As a child I always liked to play with the boys. I had no difficulty, just love.

"Its easy if you know who you are."

In terms of equal pay for women in sport she said women need to be a brand. "Share ideas with each other. Transform and build ourselves."

Semenya, despite the 3000 strong crowd, seemed incredibly comfortable with host Redi Thlebi who says she is a "tough cookie", who knows her worth. 

Of brand sponsors Nike adverts she says, there is nothing racial. "Its nothing racial. It's about showing people what you are made off, who you are."

She also highlighted the importance of knowing one’s goals and working towards achieving them. “There is no way men will do this for us... they want to lead. We need to gather and fight together, for each other. We, as women need to know how to build ourselves up. 

"What is it that you want? Do we know what a contract is, what is licensing, how to build a brand, how to be marketable? If we don't understand and help each other to understand, we will fall apart,” she said.