Evan Spiegel Photo: Facebook

London - He is responsible for an addictive social media app which sees children spend hours glued to their phones.

But billionaire tech boss Evan Spiegel has revealed that he limits his stepson to 90 minutes of screentime a week.

Spiegel, 28, created Snapchat along with two of his friends while studying at Stanford University in California. The mobile messaging app allows people to send and edit pictures and is used by 186 million every day.

But speaking about how much technology his children use, the entrepreneur said his parents did not let him watch TV until he was "almost a teenager".

"I actually thought that was valuable because I spent a lot of time just building stuff and reading or whatever," he told the Financial Times. "I think the more interesting conversation to have is really around the quality of that screen time."

As a result, he limits his seven-year-old stepson Flynn to just an hour and a half of screen time a week.

Spiegel, who has a £1.1-billion fortune, is married to the Australian model Miranda Kerr. Her ex-husband, British actor Orlando Bloom, is Flynn’s father. Spiegel and Kerr have a six-month-old son Hart.

He also called for parents to set an example to their children by reducing their own phone use. Spiegel said he feared children are left "looking at the black back of the phone… [with] no idea what’s going on".

He is not the first Silicon Valley billionaire to limit their children’s access to social media and screens. Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced in 2007 that he restricted his daughter to 45 minutes on weekdays, and 60 minutes at weekends.

And the late Steve Jobs – creator of Apple – said in 2010 that he ‘limited how much technology’ his children used at home, and that they did not have the latest iPads.

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