Picture: @bestofdad, Instagram
Insta-Dads, that's the new phase given to fathers who are giving us all sorts of feels just by looking at their Instagram feeds.

No, these dads aren't afraid to show their softer sides. Instead, they are embracing it - one "like" at a time.

In celebration of Father's Day, we went in search of dads you should be following on Instagram.


Two dads and one adorable little kid.  With just over 1K followers, this South African dad (Manny) and his partner hail from Johannesburg.


Mostafa is a stay-at-home dad living in Dubai with his two daughters.


Using the #bestofdad, parents are welcome to tag this account which has more than 16K followers.


Cape Town radio personality and blogger Terrence Mentor has earned himself the "cool dad" badge over the years.