The Fortnite logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris. Picture: Reuters

Looking at me like a little lost puppy, my 10-year-old aimlessly wonders around the house. It's been almost 24 hours and he's gone completely cold turkey. Every few minutes he goes on to his phone and googles "Fortnite".

It's no use. There's no new information coming through. And like his favourite online game, he's emotionally sucked into a black vortex of nothingness. 

Parents may have got the memo by now that Fortnite is no more, or at least that's the story that's been going around online. On Sunday evening, moments after a live event, Fortnite players stared at a black hole. There was radio silence from Epic Games. 

Many had their theories, including that season 10 of the game spelled the end of an era. Others say this could be Epic's most ambitious project to date. An ingenious move on their part or something that could backfire horribly?

In the interim, all Fortnite tweets have been deleted, except for one that is currently streaming a black hole. In the meantime, gamers are wondering what will become of their saved V-bucks. According to official statements sent out by Nintendo, Microsoft,and Sony, inventory items, including V-bucks, were secured during the blackout.

It's not much of a consolation prize though as many pumped large amounts of cash into the game. Twitter users didn't find much comfort either, with many tweeting their anger and disappointment.