Fun things to do at home with the kids

By Omeshnie Naidoo Time of article published Apr 22, 2019

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South African creative, stylist and author Sam Scarborough is one of my favourite people.

Her ideas - be it interior decor or fun and games - don't require going out of your way to live well or have a good time. She understands moms who want to adhere to a budget. She also understands us moms who want to raise our kids to value relationships before they value things.

Outings are great fun, but home and it's special sanctity is hard to match. Sam's latest book 01 of the best ideas and her project 365 Creative Ideas to do with your kids include many activities you may already know but have surely forgotten about.

Patience is something you have to demonstrate to teach it to your children.

She says, "The daily ideas range from very easy craft projects to indoor and outdoor activities and kiddies games. All the ideas are quick and easy to follow and fun to do. 

Amuse your children by transforming this household item into a fun play thing.

 "Some ideas may be reminiscent of your own childhood and others are simple family-time activities such as spending a few minutes cloud gazing with your kids."

If it sounds simple - try it anyway: you may be surprised at how rewarding life's simple pleasures can be.

Cloud gazing presents the perfect opportunity to let little ones imaginations run wild.

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