The 37-year-old actress feels "lucky" that Hollywood is now so "family-friendly" to working parents. Picture: AP

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard "choreograph" their parenting to make sure they are always there for their kids.

The Bad Moms star and her Parenthood actor spouse have two daughters, four-year-old Lincoln and three-year-old Delta , and they take it in turns to take on new projects to ensure there's always one of them around for the children.

Kristen told E! News: "It's a very particular family schedule when we're both working. Although I'm not working right now so he is taking on a larger workload.

"It's choreographed, I guess, to make sure someone is always there and present for our kids."

The 37-year-old actress feels "lucky" that Hollywood is now so "family-friendly" to working parents and hopes other industries begin to make more allowance for the needs of those with children.


She said: "You can bring your children to work, or I could nurse the baby when I was working early on. I hope to see more businesses - not just the acting world - allow that kind of stuff."

Meanwhile, Kristen recently confessed she has caught anal worms from her daughter, twice.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star couldn't stop scratching her butt after she contracted the infection - also known as threadworm - from Delta.

In a video on her Instagram Story, she said:"I just want to explain to you what I'm looking at right now... It's a piece of s**t, literally. And at the top of it, is a little white pinworm. Now, I thought we had rid ourselves of these. And the irony here is so deep, because I did 'The Joel McHale Show', two weeks ago.

"We had pinworms three weeks ago. The day after I post [about it], I find another worm... Like, are they following me? I mean, are they litening through my phone just waiting to appear when I least expect it?

"Or you have to dose twice for pinworms? The answer is B you have to dose twice for pinworms, because I looked it up and apparently they can stick around and the point is we're all dosing a second time because the little one has been reinfected. (sic)"

However, the 'Frozen' star confirmed she didn't think she had worms but told her 5.7m followers that she would keep them updated on her symptoms.

She said: "Now I don't currently have pinworms, I don't think. But I dose and you bet your bottom dollar, I will keep you updated on my symptoms. (sic)"