Tips on how to land that dream job. Picture: Pexels
Tips on how to land that dream job. Picture: Pexels

How to ace your job interview

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published May 22, 2019

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After successfully submitting your CV and completing a job application, you finally get a call for the interview.

With butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach, uncontrollable foot tapping and practically sweating through your clothes, a million scenarios on how the next hour may unfold run through your head.  

It’s safe to say job interviews are exhilaratingly nerve-racking. But they don’t need to be. Ace your next interview and land the job you’ve been seeking with these tips from Usha Maharaj CA(SA), a leadership and success coach and mentor.

1. Research the company - nothing looks better than walking into an interview understanding the company’s vision and goals and being able to articulate how you will contribute to achieving that vision.

2. Research the company values and/or what they stand for and be prepared to share specific examples from your life’s experiences where you have demonstrated those values.

3. Demonstrate knowledge and passion for the work that you will be employed to do.

4. If you have listed skills, behaviours or personal attributes on your CV, be prepared to talk about examples where you have demonstrated those attributes.

5. Be curious about the company and/or role, have a list of questions that show your curiosity.

6. Avoid slang and have good manners.

7. Groom appropriate to the position and company you are applying to - hair, make-up, clothes (clean and ironed) should all fit into the culture and style of the company.

So you didn’t get the job, now what?

According to Maharaj, the attitude you adopt after receiving a regret letter will set you up for either an upward or downward spiral in your job hunt. “Remember, the market is full of candidates who are as talented and ambitious as you are and the fact that you didn’t get this one, does not make them any better than you,” she said.

Try writing out your answers to the questions and note how you can improve, Maharaj said, "The experience gained in each interview is the best training you could receive for the next one."

“Ask for feedback on your interview and for any recommendations. Use this feedback to further develop your interview skills,” said Maharaj.

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