World Cup fever has engulfed many a household and if your little one is having a birthday party around about now, its surely the number one option. Picture: Pexels

It's easy to throw your child an impressive-looking birthday party when you can afford to splash out on loads of themed paraphernalia, you're likely to never use again.

However, the vast majority of parents know what a waste of cash it is.

The money you could have spent on a thousand balloons for an arch is better spent towards the catering or on a long-lasting birthday present. And in reality, with a bit of creativity, you can get the theme look without making unnecessary purchases.

I'm not suggesting labour intensive projects either - most working parents don't have the time for elaborate decor.

We found the following fabulous ideas online:

1. Black paper or plastic cut into hexagonal's can be used to decorate white balloons; round or fishbowl-shaped glass bowls, that you might serve snacks in; or round paper lanterns to invoke the image of a black and white soccer ball. The can form apart of your display.

2. A simple black and white print or photocopier can be used to print mini soccer balls to either embellish goodie bags and party packs or can be stuck onto toothpicks and used on regular cupcakes.

3. You can also use colour to add impact. The colours of your child's favorite country or soccer team can be used to tie the elements on the birthday table together.

Always remember to celebrate the true essence of a birthday and while you have fun decorating, be sure to remember what the day is really about.

Find your soccer-theme party inspiration below.

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