One of the most important realisations that mom must make to allow herself to also enjoy her holiday is that it’s not all her job. Picture: PxHere

We are heading into the summer holiday season, a time for families to take some time to catch up with each other and all to get that desperately needed R&R from work, school, and all other responsibilities. This is a fact for most, but not all. 

Rather than getting a break, the holiday period sees many moms having even more to do than usual; little ones need to be entertained, family and social engagements fill up the diary, and there may be a trip to plan. In fact, after the holidays, many moms need a whole other holiday.

But it doesn’t, and shouldn’t be that way. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how mom can actually enjoy some rest these holidays and finally break that one evergreen festive season tradition: holiday stress.

It’s a family affair

One of the most important realisations that mom must make to allow herself to also enjoy her holiday is that it’s not all her job. Thanks to expectations that society places on mothers, and in turn mothers place on themselves, far too many mothers take on just about all holiday responsibilities.

Far more than anything else, this is what leads to holiday stress. In realising that holidays are a “family affair” what we mean is that responsibilities should be shared. 

Dad can certainly pitch in, but so can the kids. If extended family or friends are coming to visit, whether for a period of time or even just for a braai or Christmas lunch, allow them to help. It doesn’t all have to fall on mom.

Make use of Santa’s helpers

There are so many options and services out there to help us to make our holidays easier, so be sure to make use of “Santa’s helpers”. For instance, for those of us who are lucky enough to have a regular domestic cleaner, it can be difficult if they are away over the festive season. This is where Santa’s helper, like SweepSouth, can help. 

Through its app and website, SweepSouth allows you to hire ad hoc cleaners for the day or even longer with as little as 24 hours notice. You just choose your tasks and your SweepStar will arrive on the day to take care of everything for you for the required hours.

Stick to a budget

Like any time of the year, but particularly the heavily commercialised festive season, one of the biggest stress-inducers when it comes to the holidays is money. To ensure that this stress is minimised as far possible, prepare a budget of what you are willing to spend over the holidays. Note, unlike other budgets, this budget isn’t prioritising what is needed but rather what you are willing or want to do. 

This also lines up with the “family affair” advice. As this is advice to ensure that expectations are kept in reality, be sure to include the rest of the family in this process. Not only will this keep expectations in check, but it will also allow for a little bit of wish fulfilment.

Me time

Allow some time for yourself. Going back to societal expectations, a mother prioritising herself is quickly branded as selfish. However, a mom who’s exhausted from the year’s stresses and hasn’t even taken a moment for herself over a time when rest and relaxation is meant to be what’s most important, is headed for burnout.

Whether it’s just an afternoon spent alone at a spa or treating yourself to a lazy Saturday brunch with friends at a location with an amazing view like Cape Town’s Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, taking even just a few hours for yourself can do wonders. 

So this festive season, make your resolution before the new year: don’t try to do it all, lean on others, and take a break where you can.