Lisa with her husband Wayne, and their two children Amy and Ethan. Pictures: Supplied
Lisa with her husband Wayne, and their two children Amy and Ethan. Pictures: Supplied

Mommy blog shares the sweet with the sour

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Mar 15, 2018

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Lisa Trollip’s blog fortsandfairies is a refreshing take on parenting in the 21st century, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

The growing community of mommy blogs is fast becoming popular with moms and dads alike. Finally we get a peek inside the crazy, demanding world of being a parent. Some are so honest and profound that we get a blow-by-blow account of tantrums, blow-outs and milestones.

Sassy, ballsy, cringe-worthy - mothers across the globe are revealing their secrets to getting their children in bed by 8pm, even if it’s by using unorthodox methods.

It’s very seldom you find someone who is so willing to share their true journey of motherhood with thousands of online users, be it raw, emotional or just downright hilarious. is one such blog that does exactly this.

Started by Lisa Trollip, the blog is a one-stop shop for parenting advice, books and video game reviews and, most importantly, her musings on being a mom to Amy (4) and Ethan (12 months).

A lawyer, Trollip decided to make the leap to blogging after Amy’s birth. But first, she dabbled a bit in the world of gaming.

Ethan and Amy.

“Although I enjoyed the challenge of being a lawyer, I found the job to be stressful and made the move to become the owner and editor of a video game website, something I was truly passionate about,” she says.

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To get to know the mommy blogger better, we asked her five questions.

What does being a mom mean to you?

When my children were born, I discovered that I could love someone even more than I ever thought was possible. It means everything to me to be there for them, to give them as many fun and educational experiences as I can, and to help make them be happy little people who will grow into successful well-rounded adults one day.

What do you think about the labels attached to being a mommy blogger? They’re seen as portraying an image of the perfect mom.

I think that every industry has this element, to be honest. There are some mom blogs that may try to portray this, but I don’t choose to follow them as I don’t think it’s an honest reflection of being a mom.

The mom blogs that I follow do show those happy times, but they also show the challenges and encourage other moms through the hardships of being a mom. I have tried to be this kind of mom blog.

You share a lot about your family. Are there instances where you feel that you should hold back?

In the early days of parenthood I found myself exhausted and overwhelmed, but found comfort in reading other mom blogs during those lonely late nights or early mornings. I wanted to be able to help other moms in the same way, and this was a big motivating factor for me to become a mom blogger. I don’t share anything on the blog that I feel would embarrass my children one day, only those things that I feel they would be proud of and that would make them happy to read one day.

You’re an avid gamer. Do your children get involved when reviewing video games?

Now that my daughter is 4 we have enjoyed playing a few games together and, being a gamer’s daughter, she knew who Mario and Princess Peach were from an early age!

Kids and video games: Yes or No?

I am strict on screen time. However, I am also very aware of age-appropriate video games. I firmly believe that video games can be fun and educational, and even a great workout, for children when the correct games are chosen.

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