File photo: Prince Harry

London - Call your child Bradley or Paige and be prepared for a whole lot of trouble. A Benjamin or Elizabeth, however, might just be perfect angels.

That’s according to a timely survey of which children get the most online awards for good conduct and can expect a full haul of presents as a reward from Santa.

Other girls’ names that logged the most mentions for good behaviour were Rosie and Grace, while among boys an Alex, Jordan or Mohammed is likely to make their parents proud.

Harry – the most popular boys’ name in England and Wales last year – also made the “good list”, even if the prince’s antics show there are exceptions to the rule.

In the survey of more than 63,000 children who logged good behaviour awards at the School Stickers website, Niamh, Natalie, Holly and Phoebe featured least often after Paige, along with Jacob, William, Morgan and Joe behind Bradley for boys.

Schools Stickers managing director Neil Hodges said: “The annual ‘Santa’s Naughty and Nice List’ is just a bit of Christmas fun.

“Just because a child is called Elizabeth or Benjamin does not mean they are going to be angels, just as Paiges and Bradleys are not necessarily little monsters.”

However, the list may be further fuel for thought for parents who say they regret the name they gave their child – more than half, according to a recent survey.

One in 25 mothers and fathers also told parenting site that they instantly regretted their baby’s name. - Daily Mail