London - Children today have eaten curry by the time they are five, mussels at six and sushi at seven, a survey found.

They eat a range of exotic foods which their parents didn’t try until they were grown up and may never even have heard of when they were young.

The list includes pad thai, squid, chillies and edamame beans, while the average parent was 22, 15 years older than the typical modern child, before trying sushi.

According to the survey, one in ten children under ten have tried an oyster. Hummus, bao buns from China, Japanese katsu curry and Mexican quesadillas are also regularly enjoyed by children.

Of the 1 500 UK parents who took part in the poll, half said their children will try most things and 41 percent said their children will happily try foods they wouldn’t be too keen to try themselves.

A spokesperson for restaurant chain Giraffe World Kitchen, which carried out the poll, said: "Kids today are so much more adventurous than their parents were at the same age."