YUMMY: Nom-Nom

Remember when you got your first lunch box? It was probably boxy, sturdy, and not much to look at. Chances are, come break-time, you hid it out of view and tucked it under your arm while eating your sandwich.

These days, lunch boxes are seen as fashion accessories, carried like a badge of honour around the playground or the office.

Lunch boxes have come a long way. And they're not just for kids anymore.

Take a look at our top picks of fabulous lunch packers.

Pink dreams

Pink is a great way to house your little one's lunch while helping their imagination run wild, thanks to the cute graphic.

Price: R79.75

Shop it: clicks.co.za

Nom nom

This quirky lunch box in the shape of a burger will surely get you noticed with its unique style.

Price: R59.99

Shop it: www.mrphome.com

Little Miss Princess

Use this ample-sized lunch box for sandwiches, wraps or salads and take a healthy lunch with you to eat on the go. It is secured with a handy elastic closure - no spills in the bottom of your bag.

Price: R160

Shop it: www.fineandfabulous.co.za

Slam dunk

Give your colleagues a laugh when you bring your lunch in this novelty cooler bag in assorted shapes and prints.

Price: R299.99

Shop it: cottonon.com/ZA/typo/

All that sparkles

Take the new and improved Tea-Riffic Travel Mug with you everywhere you go. If you want to get creative you can even make your own printed inserts to change up the look.

Price: R100

Shop it: cottonon.com/ZA

Build it

The Lego mini-lunch box is gender neutral and is ideal for kiddie snacks.

Price: R80

Shop it: za.kidits.net

Happy feet

Bento boxes are the cool kids on the block right now. Combine them with cute penguin prints, and you have a winner.

Price: R106

Shop it: www.newchic.com