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If you fall into the millennial age group, you’ve likely been called spoilt, entitled, lazy or self-obsessed at some point. 

According to the media, and the generations that preceded them, Millennials’ shortcomings stem from their smartphone addiction and preference for smashed avocado on toast above other cheaper brunch options (among other things).

Although there are a variety of factors that contribute to the shaping of generations, including demographics, historic events and economic forces, when it comes to millennial-bashing, their childhood or adolescence coinciding with the rise of the internet and smartphones takes centre stage.

From unemployment, to student loans and soaring levels of clinical anxiety, stress, and depression, this generation is facing serious obstacles that most people have not fully grasped, nor do they realise the effect these real “Millennial Problems” are having. 

However, these tweets prove that this cell-phone-wielding, avo-gobbling group of  22 to 37 year olds have found humour in the midst of adversity:

Millennials are tired of hearing the old "back in my day" speech
Avocados must be more expensive than we thought
Habitually searching the internet for articles with "helpful" tips on how to repay student loans, have your dream career whilst also being able to travel simultaneously 
*chokes on avocado toast* *spits out unicorn latte*
Being blamed for literally everything 
Did you know that millennials are useful for more than just their excellent selfie-taking abilities?

Being mocked for their preferences
It would seem the world hasn't fully come to terms with the fact that millennials are growing up