Teen Vogue's Snapchat story informing teens of how to go about getting an abortion was featured on the app's Discovery page. Picture: Pixabay
Popular publication Teen Vogue faced the wrath of social media users after it posted a Snapchat story instructing pregnant teenagers how to obtain abortions irrespective of their parents' belief.

Teen Vogue's Snapchat story was featured on the app's Discovery page, which is a section for publishers and creators to put 24-hour-lasting snaps displaying news and pop culture content that may cost them around $50 000 (R760 000) a day, Daily Caller reported on Monday. 

The story thread from Teen Vogue covered topics concerning abortion options for girls under 18, regardless of their parent's beliefs and consent. 

Around 92% of US teenagers aged 12 to 17 use Snapchat, according to eMarketer. 

After Teen Vogue flashed the story, several people took to Twitter to express their anger over the story. 

"First thing I saw this morning when I opened @Snapchat I read the entire article and it's about teens getting an abortion without their parents' knowledge or consent. @TeenVogue this is despicable and disgusting," a user tweeted, sharing a screenshot of the story. 

"Disgusting! Parents, please know what your daughters are reading on Snapchat and Instagram, and talk with them about it," a tweet read. 

"Snapchat allowed an @TeenVogue Discovery story that tells teenage girls on the app how to get abortions - and how to get abortions without parental knowledge. Seriously?," another tweet said. 

Neither Teen Vogue nor Snapchat officially addressed the issue.