Mampho Brescia and Terry Pheto

Durban - Actresses Terry Pheto and Mampho Brescia have joined hands and ventured into new terrain - educational toys to equip young learners with skills that will prepare them to be leaders.

Let’s Learn Toys comes from Brescia’s desire to be a great mother.

“I think for me personally, it was born out of that desperate need to be a great mom. Being the highly competitive person that I am and having been raised by a strong woman who believed in education and was driven by the fact that one must learn (and), gain knowledge to be better, gave me power,” says Brescia.

From various conver- sations, they found that they have the same desire to equip children from a young age with skills that will better their chances in the future. Thus their creation Let’s Learn Toys was conceived.

Terry Pheto said that this project had been in the development for several years, including researching and linking up with the stakeholders.

“We are both passionate about children and education. We are besties and we play a lot, we thought this could be a good space for us to play in. And do something that we have never done before and don’t know of anyone else (in South Africa) who has. I think there is always a need for education. Trends come and go but we wanted something that will be part of our legacy, and showcase the values and beliefs that we have. So (their venture) was born from knowing that not every child will have the same tool but that doesn’t mean they can’t achieve stuff,” says Terry.

“The books I like because I’ve always been a great fan of literature,” says Mampho. “I love how it is a great way of teaching. We have literature that teaches maths in a way that maths was never taught before”.

The two actresses also hope to influence parents’ pur- chasing patterns, to think greatly about what they are investing in their children’s development.

“We are enabling children to learn in a fun way - making education fun,” says Terry who is an aunt and a godmother. “We cannot be content with the fact that 30 percent (as a pass) is enough. What are the kids doing the entire time? That means they are playing, so why not give them toys that will improve their knowledge.”

They have really high hopes for the success of this venture, not just for themselves but for Africa.”

“As women, we need to stop feeling boxed in by societal ideas that are so archaic. We have to stop feeling judged or that we need an okay from men,” Mampho said.

The friends, who say they are inseparable, met 10 years ago and hit it off immediately, describing it as “ love at first sight.” They show much affection to each other in between giggles, high-fives and finishing each other’s sentences.

“When I met Mampho, I had no expectations. I just respected her as an actress and an incredible talent. Most people don’t know that she is a softie and a sweetheart. “We also need to stop spreading the gospel that women don’t like each other. I feel like the more we spread that gospel, the more it becomes true.

“When women come tog-ether, amazing things happen.

“We have to believe in the sisterhood that we have always had.

Sunday Tribune