With all these options available you have no excuse but to turn your lockdown into a fun one. Pic: Pexels
With all these options available you have no excuse but to turn your lockdown into a fun one. Pic: Pexels

Say goodbye to boredom and entertain yourself

By Partnered Content Time of article published Apr 28, 2020

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Being in what feels like the 100th week of lockdown, we understand if you’re feeling cooped up, anxious and bored. Not being able to go out, see your friends and socialise with family can leave you feeling anxious and depressed. 

Here at Loot, we found the perfect way for you and your loved ones to relieve some of your stress and boredom while under lockdown. With our list of entertainment items available, you’ll be kissing boredom goodbye in no time.

100 Piece Glow in the Dark Puzzle

Keep the little ones entertained while learning about sea life with this 100 piece glow in the dark puzzle piece. Learning has never been so much fun! After putting together the 100 piece puzzle, turn off the lights and watch the surprise as it glows in the dark! Expand their knowledge the fun way! Buy now for only R347 at  Loot.co.za

Monopoly- Game of Thrones

The number 1 property game, is now available in the hit TV series Game of Thrones. Set sail to Westeros and see who will claim the Iron Throne. With artwork from the popular TV-series and beautifully crafted playing pieces and villages, it’s perfect for any connoisseur of the seven kingdoms. Shop online now for only R689 at  Loot.co.za

Grab and Go Connect 4

Have fun anywhere, anytime with the Grab and Go Connect 4. The classic Connect 4 game is now available in a compact version, making it easier to win-on-the-go! You and your opponent get 21 checkers apiece and the chance to get 4 in a row. Become the perfect opponent and get the chance to block the other's attempts to connect with your own checkers. Shop now for only R113 at  Loot.co.za

Laugh My Ass Off

In this adult party game laughing is for losers as you try to make your opponents laugh by telling jokes, doing impressions or acting out awkward situations - all while wearing wigs and using props. The aim is to try not to laugh at your opponent. See who has the last laugh and howl with laughter for hours, even though you’re trying not to. Buy online for only R299 at  Loot.co.za

Game Pods Kids Charade

Play charades in seconds, the perfect pocket packet. The elegantly designed card dispenser, Game Pod, ensures that the cards are kept safe and secure. Simply draw from the front, play your game and slip the card back into the Pod. Ideally suited to travel, you can pop it in your pocket and take your favourite family game wherever you go! Shop online for only R117 at  Loot.co.za

Mastermind Code Cracking Game

Become a mastermind in this classic board game and find out whether you can crack your opponent's secret code. Your opponent sets up a row of coloured pegs and you have to guess the secret code!  Buy now for only R389 at  Loot.co.za

Battle of the Sexes classic Board Game

How much do you really know about the opposite sex? The classic board game, Battle of the Sexes is the ultimate showdown, taking trivia to a whole new level.  Battle of the Sexes is the outrageous and hormonally charged game that pits men vs. women in the ultimate showdown. Teams answer gender-defining questions to earn trophies and ultimately decide who is superior. Shop online now for only R298 at Loot.co.za

Cheatwell Games - Engenius Contraptions Marble Run

Develop your child's creativity, concentration and spatial insight through play, with Cheatwell Games. Winner of best 'Children's Gift' at the Gift of the Year awards 2019, the flat-pack marble run,  made from plywood is instantly captivating. Powered by an electric motor, the marbles are raised to the top of the lift, then spiral down the zig-zag track in a mesmerising motion. Buy now for only R361 at  Loot.co.za

Smart Games Smart Farmer


Bring fun and education to your children with the Smart Farmer game. Featuring 60 challenges including different farm animals, players have to figure out how to separate the animals into different areas. By using spatial insight and problem-solving, it’s fun to play, while they’re learning. This multi-level logic-based family fun game is perfect to tease their brain and think outside the box. Shop now for only R330 at  Loot.co.za

Scrabble Large Letter Edition

Get the ultimate crossword game with the large print Scrabble game. Upgrading from the standard version, it features a specially designed board with the new tile lock system to ensure your tiles are held securely in place during the game making it suitable for visually impaired players. The added turntable also enables the board to be easily rotated to face the current player. Shop now for only R709 at  Loot.co.za

With all these options available you have no excuse but to turn your lockdown into a fun one.

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