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Baskets adorned with pastel bows, chocolate eggs and sticky hot cross buns are all reminiscent of Easter. But there is another tradition, sure to spur memories from childhood, that you might have forgotten: the Easter Bonnet.

Leading up to the first term break, kids at school paint eggs with food colouring, have egg hunts and make charming Easter Bonnets. Many preschools and primary schools even host Easter hat parades.

This tradition takes place around the world where people show off their over-the-top homemade hats to celebrate the religious holiday. In Christian tradition, the trend of wearing “new” hats arose from Easter being a time for renewal.

Flowers are a quintessential part of Easter and often feature on the bonnets. The Easter Lily, believed to have grown at the site of the crucifixion, symbolises resurrection, while white lilies are used to represent love and hope.

Although Easter is during autumn in South Africa, those who live in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate in spring. Thus, baby animals and spring blooms are also characteristic of the holiday.

In the spirit of Easter, here are seven fabulous Bonnets to inspire your creations:

  • This bonnet is all about nature, blossoms, beetles and butterflies.

  • A burrowing bunny in search of more carrots makes this the ultimate bonnet for Easter.

  • Pastel pink and purple peonies are the focal point of this flower crown - the bunny ears are the perfect Easter touch.

  • This festive hat sports a giant carrot and adorable Easter bunny.

  • This three tiered Easter bonnet features a quaint cottage, chirping chicks and tulips.

  • A nest of straw filled with baby chicks tops a mass of foliage to create this bonnet

  • Going all out with ribbon in pink, blue, orange and green, this hat is a burst of colour. Easter eggs are nestled among the spirals of ribbon and bunny ears peek through, making a statement.
Images: Pinterest.