The best photographs of toddlers are those captured in the moment, and which tug at the heartstrings of their social media followers. Picture: Max Pixel
Say cheese! Gone are the days of trying to create that perfect shot. In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, it’s all about “spontaneity” and cuteness overload.

How many times have you looked at baby pictures and gone “awe”? Today’s kids are instant Gap Kids models and are lapping up the attention with thousands of followers, likes and shares.

Scout Larson (@hello.scout) has become an overnight success with more than 53 000 followers on Instagram. She’s adorable, fashion-savvy, and she has the sweetest back-story.

People Magazine ran a story on her last month. Just three years old, Scout dressed up as her favourite hero – her cancer-surviving grandmother – for a photo-shoot. Her mother Ashley took pictures of her dressed up as her gran.

The result was a touching series of images of two generations of maternal love.

Scout’s Instagram account is a collection of fun and playful images of her mimicking her favourite cartoon characters. A few combo pics even have her doing impressions of famous TV scenes and celebrities.

This little girl is carefree and the camera loves her. Her photographs evoke feelings of happiness and joy. Who knew that so much emotion could be attached to just a series of images? And the architect of her Instagram fame is her own mom!

It's moments like these that melt the heart. Picture: Pixabay

Parents today are thinking out-of-the-box. Gone are the days of professional-looking Anne Geddes knock-offs, and gone are babies posed among pot plants and in pumpkin patches. Filters and photo-editing apps are making it easier to create “that perfect moment”.

We take a look at some of the best Instagram accounts that will inspire you to dust off your old-school camera and start clicking away...

Strike a pose

Australian kids’ clothing brand Milk & Soda (@milknsoda) has more than 48 000 followers, and it’s not hard to see why. Taking a different approach from Scout’s page, its gone all editorial, taling its cue from the pages of a fashion magazine as it displays infant models in high-fashion outfits with a whimsical twist.


Intrepid travel writer and foodie Aleney de Winter’s Instagram account (@boyeatsworld) gives mere mortals like us instant Fomo (fear of missing out). Documenting her family’s travels around the globe, her images are mostly of her two kids. Personal, candid family shots makes you feel like you’re sharing the experience with her, while giving you a peek into her adventurous life.

Intrepid travel writer and foodie Aleney de Winter’s Instagram account gives mere mortals like us instant FOMO. Picture: @boyeatsworld, Instagram

Imaginary worlds

Photographer Maya (@pics_missmaya) draws inspiration from her childhood with creative photos that are thought-provoking and just genius! With more than 30 000 followers, the images recreate children in imaginary settings, and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

If you’re into childhood classics like Alice In Wonderland or The Wizard Of Oz, you’ll simply fall in love with her dreamy captures.

Precious moments

Every parent has that one moment when they think: “I should have taken a photo of that.” This is exactly what @kids_fashion_blogger encapsulates. With 491 000 followers, the charming photographs will pull at your heartstrings. From tiny ballerina feet to mom-and-baby bonding moments, the spontaneity, albeit staged, of each image is what sets them apart from the rest.