Miniature versions of real life objects and cartoon characters are popular among children and can be found in the latest erasers.

Mini erasers in all shapes and mostly small sizes have been on our shelves for a little while now, but their profile is about to be elevated by the back to school run.

GoGoPo microphone erasers and sharpener, R29,99 at CNA.

Ice-creams, donuts and of course unicorns and skulls have all featured.

Ice cream erasers with interchangable parts R29,99 at The Craze Store.

What's amazing is the amount of detail that has gone into making some of these erasers, which, sadly, if it serves its purpose will be reduced to dust. In fact you would forgiven for mistaking some of them for toys. So be sure to read the labels. 

Paw Patrol 3D puzzle erasers R69,90 at ToysRUs

It's also worth noting that many fall apart once out the box - sold as puzzles - numerous pieces are intricately made and positioned together to create say, your favourite Paw Patrol character.

Pack Of 6 Mini Unicorn Erasers R49,99 at Mr Price Home
Needless-to-say all on trend children should have one.