The ultimate Durban holiday activity guide

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Dec 29, 2018

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Durban boasts a range of activities for holiday-goers. From surfing and scenic lunch spots to art galleries and games rooms, follow this guide for  the ultimate summer holiday bucket list :

Play arcade games and win prizes

The Magic Company at Suncoast is a super fun arcade destination that older children will love. Arcade games, prizes and more will keep your kids entertained for hours. Some of the more popular games include: Fast and Furious car game, Super Bikes, Dance Revolution and many more. Contact 031 337 5486.

Visit an art exhibition

The KZNSA on Bulwer Road has a secure outdoor play area for kids, a cafe serving delicious meals, a crafty gift shop selling beautiful handmade pieces and a gallery with exhibitions on show throughout the year. Contact 031 277 1705 for more information.

Go for a chocolate dipping experience

A real treat for the whole family, Chocolate Heaven on Nottingham Road, offers a chocolate dipping experience. The main objective is to have fun, and while you at it, make a jolly good mess of it. Chocolate fights and painting with the melted chocolate is all part of the experience, in fact, it’s encouraged. Fill in your details at to book or contact 033 266 6870.

Ride the SkyCar

The journey starts with a two-minute SkyCar ride up the iconic Moses Mabhida arch, before you step onto the platform and take in the unparalleled 360º views of Durban and beyond. Adults pay R60 and kids, R30. Visit for more and contact [email protected] to book.

Watch a movie in IMAX

Watch movies come to life on the silver screen in IMAX - a immersive cinema experience brought to you by a system of high-resolution cameras, film formats and film projectors. Movie times, prices and bookings can be made on

Watch a movie in 4DX

A first in SA and exclusive to Nu Metro, 4DX adds an extra dimension to your cinema experience by including scent, seat movement, sprays, wind, smoke and lighting effects synched with the actions. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is available in 4DX at The Pavillion for R175 a ticket. Book at

Visit the African Art Centre

Situated at 94 Florida Road, it’s the ideal spot if you’re on the hunt for high quality handcrafted products. Call 031 3123804.

Have family fun at Mr Funtubbles 

At Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Mr Funtubbles is a place of laughter, great memories and joy for the whole family. From rides to games - they have it all. Call 031 332 9776 for details

Visit PheZulu Safari Park

Whether you are after a tranquil light snack overlooking the extraordinary 
Valley of a Thousand Hills, on a 4x4 game drive through the Phezulu Safari park, enjoying an exhilarating live crocodile show, or marveling at a wide variety of indigenous snakes at Phezulu Snake Park – we will make you feel welcome. Open every day from 8am-4.30pm. Visit for more on bookings, rates and times.

Visit Crags View Wild Care Centre

Situated on Crag’s View Farm, Crag’s View Wild Care Centre is the only official wildlife rehabilitation centre serving the lower South Coast region. The centre offers educational talks and experiences from Monday to Sunday at 10am by appointment only. Book at 039 311 2488 or [email protected]

Visit the Natural Science Museum

At the heart of Durban, surrounded by the buzz of a bustling metropolis, is City Hall, home to the Natural Science Museum. The exhibits feature life like dioramas, which depict an unrivaled collection of small and large mammals and a diverse collection of African birds and reptiles. The museum is also renowned for the close-to-life-size Tyrannosaurus rex model and the 100 year old Dodo skeleton. Open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Call 031 311 2256 for more.

Have lunch on the pier at Moyo

Join Moyo these holidays for their warm hospitality and modern African ambience. With floor-to-ceiling windows offering sea views, African food and music and traditional face painting, you can’t go wrong. Call 031 332 0606.

Ride a wave at the Wave Park

Ride an endless perfect wave, slide down the super tube, try out your moves at the skate park or play in the toddler ‘s zone - the Wave Park at Gateway has it all. Visit for more on bookings, rates and times. 

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