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Woodland creatures and fairies and elves, oh my!

If you ever wandered about your garden in the hopes of stumbling upon a teddy bear picnic or fairy festival, you’ll have a ball planning an enchanted forest party for your child.

Parents and kids are loving "enchanted forest parties" with searches even going up 238% according to the Pinterest Hot 100 list. From toadstool chairs to indoor trees and fairy garlands, it’s all about incorporating whimsical touches to make for a magical day.

How to plan an “Enchanted Forest” party:


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Let the beauty of nature shine through when it comes to decor. Whether you opt to hold the party in the garden or indoors, greenery should be the focal point.

Harvest table

Foliage strewn across crisp white tablecloths sets the scene for an enchanted buffet. Use tree stump coasters to lay out the snacks - this creates height on your table (allowing for each dish to stand out individually). Natural wood paired with forest green is a winning combination. With the addition of the odd flower bud placed here and there, your harvest table is fit for a the fairy feast.


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Decorating and embellishing natural outdoor elements adds a personal touch that can only be achieved through DIY. Our favourite for the theme are streamers. There’s something absolutely spellbinding about long strands of ribbon blowing in the wind. Tied to tree branches or on the backs of chairs the overall look is enchanting and ideal for photographs.


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Where do all the little elves and woodland creatures go to rest? Teepees of course!

Kids love having their own secret hideaways, especially if they’re as unconventional as a fort  and built to fit their size. Teepees bring that “make-believe” magic to your party, and only a few scatter cushions and blankets thrown beneath them, you have the perfect spot for relaxing either indoors or outside.

Hanging tents

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A veil of white falling from beneath a canopy of trees - netted hanging tents are another seating option for forest parties. When hung from from trees or the ceiling indoors, they can be made cosy with rugs, scatter cushions and blankets.


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Harvest tables allow guests to forage for their food from a table of treats. Chocolate dipped pretzel twigs, poisonous candy apples, salted and roasted nuts, an abundance of fresh fruit and fairy cakes, any traditional birthday snack can be made over with a magical twist, all it takes is a little imagination.

The cake

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There are an array of beautiful enchanted forest cakes to choose from. Our top picks would be black forest gateau dusted with icing sugar and garnished with berries or perhaps a naked cake with layers of buttercream adorned with flowers and fresh fruit - picture sliced figs, blackberries, cherries, raspberries with a few sprigs of green foliage thrown in the mix.  


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Scavenger hunts bring the party to life, burn off all that sugar and can be an exciting learning experience. This forest themed template filled with a list of part nature part enchanted items will have kids truly believing that magic exists.

Kids love animals. Bring the creatures of the forest (okay, animal farm) to your backyard, from bunnies to ponies and alpacas, kids will have a blast learning about and playing with all the furry animals.

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Tie the whole thing together with a dress up theme. From woodland creatures to elves and fairies, the cherry on top of a magical party is the guests having fun with the creative theme.