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TREND ALERT: How to plan the 'Baby Shark' party every kid wants

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Jan 28, 2019

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A “Baby Shark” themed bash is the birthday party every kid wants to have in 2019.

If you’re a parent, odds are you’ve heard the song “Baby Shark” at least 100 times and memorised all the dance moves too.

The hit bop made a splash in 2018, landing a spot very few children’s songs have managed to secure on the Billboard Hot 100.

The earworm of a song song featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Late Late Show with James Corden, has been remixed thousands of times and made into many a viral meme.

So, if your tot is as obsessed with the song as the rest of the world, a “Baby Shark” themed birthday party may be somewhere on the horizon.

Follow our tips on how to plan the ultimate “Baby Shark” themed birthday bash:


Children’s parties are the perfect opportunity to get creative with food. No child would turn up their nose at unnaturally pink frosting atop a luminous rainbow cake, would they? “Baby Shark” has an ocean theme so anything from sea creatures to beach holiday paraphernalia goes.


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Dip pretzel sticks into melted and dyed white chocolate (use a few drops of blue and green food colouring to achieve this), whilst still wet, decorate with edible glitter, sprinkles, crushed biscuits to act as seasand, and lastly, fish shaped crackers. Place in a tall glass filled with the remainder of the crushed biscuits, and tie with an ocean-ble ribbon to complete the look.

Starfish sarmies

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Finger foods, especially sandwiches, go down a treat with kids at parties. From cream cheese and cucumber to cold meat with mayo or good ol’ peanut butter and jam, it’s the easiest party snack to throw together. To take it to the next level and fit the theme, use star shaped cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the sandwiches and voila, you have cute starfish sarmies.

Cake cup

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Layer buttercream icing between layers of store bought or homemade cake inside a clear plastic party cup. Decorate the last icing layer with cookie crumbles for beach sand and top with shark shaped gummy sweets or a shark fin. To make a shark fin topper, make a batch of sugar cookie dough, roll out dough (1cm thick) and use a crescent shaped cutter, to cut our moon shapes. Once you cut out all the shapes and lay them out on a pan prepared with wax paper, cut all the moon shapes in half to create little shark fins. Bake as per instructions and ice with grey royal icing.


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Any traditional children’s party game can be made over with a “Baby Shark” twist.

Take the Bean Bag Toss for example, instead of throwing bean bags into a bucket or through a hoop, have kids line up and stand at a marked point and throw the bags into the mouth of a cardboard shark. This will only take some minor DIY skills from parents and the kids will love the “new” game.

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Nowadays, photobooths constitute as a form of party entertainment and they really can be a whole lot of fun. Have a designated spot with props and outfits for kids play dress up in. We love this idea from Pinterest of having kids sit in a shark cage whilst a gigantic shark swims by.

Another fun idea is to fill a paddling pool with beach sand, shells and plastic sea animal toys. Hide prizes in the sand and place a few spades inside. Kids can have fun taking turns to look for buried treasure.


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Display anything from candy to chips in beach buckets and place a plastic spade inside in place of a dishing out spoon. Fishing nets with shells and toy sea creatures caught in the web of net over tablecloths are also make for a lovely touch.

Blue and clear balloons placed all around the party area create the illusion of bubbles. For the backdrop of the cake table, a balloon arch is a whimsical way to frame the focal area of the party.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make your own:

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