File photo: Reuters
If your Monday didn't get off to a good start, there's nothing like a feel-good story to warm the heart.

This video of a boy receiving a surprise from his parents is the the cutest thing you'll probably see this week. Posted by Daily Viral Stories to Facebook, his parents are keen to see the reaction on his face when he opens the package.

Before even putting the glasses on, he becomes emotional and starts tearing up. But the magic moment comes when he puts them on for the first time.

His dad asks him "does things look different?" and he responds with a "yeah". His mom starts throwing coloured balloons at him and he names each colour without hesitation.

Colour blindness affects 1 in 12 males and 1 in 200 females globally, according to

Colour correction glasses are often worn by those diagnosed with colour blindness. They help improve colour vision with red-green colour blindness - the most common vision deficiency.