Myka and James Stauffer adopted Huxley in 2017. Picture:
Myka and James Stauffer adopted Huxley in 2017. Picture:

WATCH: Influencer couple 'rehome' adopted autistic son after cashing in on his YouTube fame

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Jun 1, 2020

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Popular YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer are suffering a massive backlash after announcing that they had chosen to "rehome" their four-year-old adopted son Huxley, who also happens to be autistic.

The coupe appeared to have gone into hiding after making the announcement, much to the disgust of many. According to Buzzfeed News, through their lawyers, the couple said they would not be releasing any details about why they made the decision to dissolve the adoption or where Huxley is now, citing privacy concerns.

Many would have known the couple from their YouTube channel who built their following around their journey to adopt a baby from China. The family shared intimate details of their everyday life, including inviting Huxley, who they adopted in 2017, into their home. The toddler became a staple part of their YouTube success.

Myka made the  announcement last week when followers noticed the four-year-old was missing from new videos. She said that she and her husband had permanently placed their child with another family after unspecified behavioral issues.

Many are now questioning the ethics of the YouTubers after years of sharing intimate details of Huxley on a monetized channel. 

Based on the family's statements to the media so far and on their YouTube channels, it is unclear whether the Stauffer family found a new home for Huxley through an aboveboard, properly vetted process known as "adoption dissolution," or an underground, maligned practice known as "rehoming", Buzzfeed reported.

"The adoption for the Stauffer family is an international adoption which does not involve our agency," Val Turner, a spokesperson for the family's local child protection agency in Ohio told the publication. "It appears that [Myka] made arrangements with an individual person, versus an agency."

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