Afro Daddy and his child doing their first toy review for Agents of Fun. Picture: Supplied

Kiddie toy reviewers is the new craze among South African children; and why not? There’s no one better to give play things a thumbs-up or down than the little ones themselves. 
The Child Development Team at Toy Kingdom South Africa have been pioneers on this front, their Agents of Fun initiative, which kicked-off for the first-time last month, encourage children to review toys themselves and tell mom and dad exactly what they think of the game, deck of cards, or even a puzzle.

“We are excited for the Agents of Fun initiative, and we love the idea of peer recommendation via social media. It gives kids the opportunity to tell their peers, and parents in general, in no uncertain terms how they feel about certain toys, whether they like it or not and whether it does what it needs to do.

"Think about it, as parents we might pull the purse strings but we are not the ones who play with the toys, our boys and girls do. So, why not get them to tell us what makes the toy hot or not. And we know they’ll always be honest,” says Henri van Wijk of the Child Development Team.

Van Wijk says the Agent of Fun initiative tests a child’s understanding of the game in review and also seeks to promote parent-child interaction.