Kim Kardashian with her kids. Picture: Instagram
Kim Kardashian with her kids. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Kim Kardashian West shocks as she allows kids to break some of most basic child safety rules

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Feb 18, 2021

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As parents we all have different ways of rearing and disciplining our children but there are certain things that one would assume are universal when it comes to child safety.

Things like, look twice before crossing the road, don’t play with sharp objects or no jumping on the bed are just a few of the basics.

But it seems Kim Kardashian West isn’t too phased about some of the most obvious safety hazards.

Watching the reality TV star’s latest Instagram stories actually made me feel anxious.

The mother-of-four shared a video of 7-year-old North cooking on a gas stove while her cousins sit on the kitchen counter and assist her.

You can clearly see North adjust the heat and walk away from the stove while the other younger girls sit dangerously close to the flames with their little bare feet almost on the stove top.

At this point you can hear Kim telling the girls that they can’t be that near to the fire.

“Chef Shi” and “Chef Dreamy” move away slightly from the stove but remain on the counter top.

Girls sitting too close to the stove. Picture: Instagram

While asking them what they are cooking, she zooms on a few packets of dry ramen noodles and you can clearly see three scissors laying close to the packs.

Scissors used to cut open the packets. Picture: Instagram

At the other end of the counter her 5-year-old son Saint is sitting on the edge of the same counter top, leans over to his baby brother Psalm, who is sitting in a high feeding chair, plays peek-a-boo, to make his little brother giggle.

Saint leaning over to play with Psalm. Picture: Instagram

At some point he leans so far forward that it looks like he could quite easily tumble off the counter.

Now here are a few things that really got my back up while watching the video.

First of all, why are those kids sitting, kneeling, playing on the kitchen counter?

Call me old-fashioned, but we were taught to never sit on table tops. Never mind the bare feet!

Then there’s the fact that there are way to many scissors around for little ones that age.

And why, oh why, is a 7-year-old allowed to work a gas stove? At some point you can actually see North using her sleeve as a “oven glove” to protect her hands from the hot lid of the pot.

It boggles my mind how all of this is allowed to happen AND Kim has the time to video it all.

Here’s a look at the video. Would you allow your child to do any of these things?

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