Prince Charles and Princess Diana leave hospital with baby Prince Harry in September 1984. Picture: AP

A video of the late Princess Diana telling off a young Prince Harry has resurfaced, much to the delight of British royal fans. 

The video was picked up by a Duchess of Sussex fan page on Instagram and re-shared.

According to the Daily Mail, the clip is from a documentary which aired on Channel 4 and NBC in 2017, and shows Diana's voice coach Peter Settelen interviewing her in the early nineties.

A much younger Harry can be heard off-camera as his mother tries to conduct herself in a professional manner, but her plans are scuppered when Harry keeps on interrupting her.

The interchange between the two shows how Diana tries to control her son, and like other mothers, fails in her attempts.

The late royal, who would have been in her early thirties at the time, is seen being asked if she had met anyone who had "touched her [heart] quite a lot recently".

Posting the video to Instagram, @_duchess_of_sussex writes: "A wonderful clip I’ve seen floating about! Harry saying “me” 😂 in response to a question posed to his mum: “have you recently met anybody that’s touched you quite a lot".

The clip gives some insight into the playful relationship between mother and son, and fans absolutely loved it.

"it’s wonderful to see even after experiencing a painful loss that he has a great sense of humor," commented one user, while another said: "The princess Diana was an extraordinary woman so cute I love this clip very nice I could see this many times."

Diana died in a Paris car crash in August 1997.