Picture: YouTube screenshot

Warning: Not to be used around children. We always associate this phrase with medication, fireworks and heavy machinery. So imagine when your child's new toy comes with this warning?

The mind baffles. But wait, there's more....

A video has gone viral on Facebook showing a man unboxing a doll he just purchased at Poundland. Called the Fanny Flambeaux, of the "Smoking Pussies" gang - it's one of the weirdest things you'll probably see on the internet today.

But then on closer inspection, and with a little investigative work from our side, a quick Google search brings up a story from 2015 from The Huffington Post UK's website, titled: 'Poundland Toy' With Flaming Vagina 'Fanny Flambeaux' Is One Of The Weirder Things On The Internet.

The man in the video is a YouTuber who goes by the name of Big Clive. He goes through the whole process of unboxing the doll and then proceeds to read the instructions which says to lay the doll, face down, and then set flame to its backside.

Obviously, viewers are left aghast. We reckon he Poundland got lots of flack for this, so Big Clive was probably forced to come clean and admitted he created the doll himself.

"Since I’ve now been asked several times if it’s a real product, I have to confess that the product in the video was actually made from a few different items all sourced from Poundland," he told The Huffington Post.