Kids enjoying summer in their wetsuits PICTURE: Supplied

Whether it’s to protect your child from the harsh African sun, the Cape’s chilly waters or a biting wind, a wetsuit is a good idea.


As summer approaches and beach holidays are on our mind, there is nothing nicer than the kids having fun outdoors, splashing in the sea and digging in the sand.

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 A local couple from Cape Town have launched a new range. With their kids spending most weekends on the beach surfing, body boarding at Nippers etc, they needed wetsuits.

They didn’t want to buy expensive, hi-tech, branded wetsuits as the kids were growing so quickly that they needed to replace the suits each year. So they developed a range of affordable wetsuits sourced from suppliers to the European market.

 As an online store they can keep their prices competitive - we bought a shorty (short legs and sleeves) for our 3 year old daughter online for under R500 - which should last for the next 18 months.


The material is 3mm Neoprene, ideal for all use all year round in South Africa, antibacterial, anti-UV, breathable, waterproof and windproof with a 10 inch YKK zipper in the back and has an adjustable velcro collar for comfort


We find that the shorty’s are ideal for smaller children who still spend most of the time on the sand digging and paddling in shallow water. The shorter arms and legs provide more freedom of movement and are easier to get on and off.