Geraldine Cupido, mother of Khaya, 15, Mia-Mae, 13, and Alude, 6.

Being a mother can be one of the most thankless yet rewarding jobs on Earth. We don’t ask for much, just a peck on the cheek and an occasional “I love you, mamma”.

When Mother’s Day comes along, we look forward to the hugs, chocolates and flowers. But here’s a confession: sometimes, that’s not really what we’re yearning for.

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, we decided to do a little digging and asked moms to be honest about the gifts they really wanted.

Here’s what they had to say:

Tshego Lepule, mother of Tshepang, 8

“A day off from parenting. It sounds horrible but as much as we love the Mother’s Day cards, hug vouchers and the coffee mugs, I would appreciate a whole day and night to myself.”

Geraldine Cupido, mother of Khaya, 15, Mia-Mae, 13, and Alude, 6

“Silence! To spend a day in a gorgeous hotel room with a view of the ocean. There must be a huge bed, great room service, a big TV to watch suspense thrillers and silly romcoms, and of course a beautiful bath.”

Geraldine Cupido, mother of Khaya, 15, Mia-Mae, 13, and Alude, 6.

Megan Baadjies, mother of Mayah, 4

“I’m a lot like my mom when it comes to receiving gifts - it’s the thought that counts so I’m not really fussy.

“However, if Mayah could afford it, then I’d love a new pair of pyjamas and slippers.

“But what I love most and look forward to every year is the Mother’s Day card she makes at crèche.”

Zanele Tshaka, mother of MJ, 6 and Lubnathi, 2

“My ideal Mother’s Day gift is a night’s stay at a hotel just by myself. I wish I could go somewhere where I’d be left alone to catch up on sleep, watch my favourite TV shows, and just basically rest with no one bothering me.”

Lyntina Aimes, mother of Keelan, 24, and Calum, 17

“I want the house to myself. My husband and sons can go out for the day. I want to vegetate and laze around in my PJs, listen to my favourite CDs, watch TV and have the Mr Delivery booklet in hand.”

Nontando Mposo, mother of Sipho, six months

“All I want is a day of uninterrupted sleep after enjoying a glass of gin and tonic.”

Juanita Williams, mother of Noah Tau, 10

“I want a tattoo to commemorate my father and grandparents.”