Very often, new food products are developed without a thought for the end users. When Snowflake brought out a colourful range of kids' baking kits, we decided the best way to put them to the test would be to bring a group of children into the Angela Day kitchen and let them bake them up for themselves.

They tried out the Vanilla Colourcups, Barbie and Barney cup cakes. Each box, costing less than R20 (prices vary from store to store) are eye-catchingly bright with well illustrated, step by step instructions.

Included are extra activities and surprise gifts.

What the Angela Day team liked best was that everything needed to complete the baking, apart from the wet ingredients like egg, oil and water, is in the box. Even the paper cups and icing decorations are there.

The best part for the children was being able to produce an end-product that looked exactly like the picture on the box, leaving them with a great feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

Just a word of caution: we found that most of the children needed supervision for the exact measurement of the extra ingredients.

Comments from the experts

Both Megan Swarts and Sarah McAlpine now want to be chefs when they grow up! "I just love baking and I bake at home," says Megan.

"Thank you for letting me come, I have learnt a lot and just love baking," says 10-year-old Sisi Sibiya.

Five-year-old Nadeem Ismail can't believe that Barney cup cakes taste so yummy. "We have seen him on television," says his baking partner, Laaiqah Mohammed.

Novice bakers Fikile Sikishe and Zethu Dlamini cannot contain their excitement. "We love this purple icing and we made these cookies all by ourselves," exclaims Fikile.