For a programmer to develop a game of this quality all by himself is rare, even more so because Kynoch is completely self-taught. Pictures: Supplied

Sixteen-year-old Brandon Kynoch knows a thing or two about gaming. No, let's rephrase that - he knows a lot more than your typical teen.

The self-taught game developer's mobile game Torus. was downloaded 100 000 times during its first 24 hours on the App Store - snagging the No. 1 spot in Free Action Games. The feat is a first for South African mobile games, and remarkable for Kynoch who taught himself programming and design.

“I became interested in game development, programming and graphic design at the age of 11. Since then I have taught myself absolutely everything I could by using free learning resources on the internet and computer science books that I bought on Amazon," says the Joburg native.

Torus. is an action game that masterfully builds upon the player’s instinct to connect dot’s.

Kynoch is also currently working on his one-man company, Hard Graft Studios.

Kynoch’s success with Torus. follows on the breakthrough of his first game Blast which he developed in just under two years. 

“Initially I was more interested in digital art and graphics design, especially 3D art and photorealistic renderings. This grew my skills in terms of the graphical side of game development," he adds.

Kynoch explains how Torus. works in the video below:

After Blast he decided to focus on a much smaller game, since it’s a perfect medium to combine and practice design and coding. This is how he developed Torus.  

So, what's next for the St Stithians College pupil?

“I plan on releasing a few more games similar in scale to that of Torus. this year. The number of apps I will develop depends on how successful they are, what profits I can generate and, unfortunately, how busy school will keep me."

He is also currently working on his one-man company, Hard Graft Studios, which he plans to develop into a triple-A game-development studio after he finishes school.

* Torus. and Blast are available on the App Store