Historian and professor Nomalanga Mkhize with her book In Africa with Avi and Kumbi.

Fossil finds and resultant scientific proof that the history of humankind is the history of Africa, is among the essential reasons that we tell our story. Our way.

Which is surely why there has been such excitement around the book by well-recognised historian and professor Nomalanga Mkhize.

One of the experts on the phenomenal SABC commissioned documentary, Shoreline (you can purchase the box set from www.keenoncapetown.com), Mkhize’s book is called In Africa with Avi and Kumbi (www.historyeducation.africa/).

She is a hero among historians  and an advocate for quality education for South African children.

The two fun characters explore Africa’s past: the legendary, the strange and even the difficult aspects.

Mkhize is apart of a creative collective that writes children's books in African languages. If you’re looking for more of these special local books, perhaps in South African languages, you can find them at ethnikids.co.za.

For more information on “In Africa with Avi and Kumbi” email [email protected] or visit www.historyeducation.africa